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2013 F1 Driver Changes



It is only four races into the 2012 F1 season but there is already talk of 2013 driver moves. Recently the rumour going about the paddock is that Red Bull’s Mark Webber has signed a pre-contract agreement to replace Felipe Massa at Ferrari. Webber isn’t the only driver being linked to Ferrari, Sauber driver Sergio Perez has been linked with the drive and it seems he is more likely to get it as he is a member of the Ferrari Drivers Academy and he has impressed them so far this year.

Lewis Hamilton will be out of contract at McLaren at the end of the season and may look for a new challenge though he has been with the team since he was young. If he does leave McLaren it will be fascinating to see where he ends up with possible seats up for grabs at Red Bull, Ferrari and other leading teams.

If Hamilton does leave McLaren, It is quite difficult to see who they would sign to replace him, there could be a straight swap with Red Bull involving Mark Webber joining McLaren and Lewis going to Red Bull or else even Kimi Raikkonen who could get out of his contract a year early to rejoin his former team.

Michael Schumacher is coming to the end of his second F1 career and he is unlikely to renew his deal at Mercedes.This won’t be helped by his thoughts on the Pirelli tyres and his lack of success since he came back. Waiting in the wings for that seat is Scotland’s Paul Di Resta, The Force India driver has a close bond with Mercedes having driven for them in DTM before he reached F1. It would be great to see Paul in a car that will be racing for podiums and possible race wins.




2 responses to “2013 F1 Driver Changes

  1. Aditya Banerjee ⋅

    It is difficult to see Hamilton leaving McLaren. But of course, if he has another season pf frustrating underperformance follows, a move away from Woking will be his best bet. McLaren generally do not take older drivers like Webber, and Raikkonen seems the most favourable option. That may open a seat at Lotus for the almost-certainly returning Kubica, who has gone out of the equation.
    Di Resta to Merc, seems a reasonable deal and that empty Force India seat seems likely to be filled by Bianchi, their test driver. But that leaves no seats for Webber, unless of course, his rumours about going to Ferrari next season come true. But if it is Perez to Ferrari, it seems unlikely that Webber will fill his empty Sauber seat, as Peter Sauber has a penchant for taking talented, young drivers, and will be wanting to give a chance to young Mexican Gutierrez, so that he keeps Telmex as well.
    Webber’s best bet will be to try and apply for his former employers Williams, if the fallen giants do let go of either Senna Jr. or Maldonado. Toro Rosso is unlikely, unles we do have a superb season for one of their drivers and Helmut Marko decides on a straight swap with Webber. That will again upset calculations..
    I other words, it is best to follow the F1 season sans speculation. Great article though. I’m Aditya, your most recent friend in F1Fanatic.

    • davidmoorhead ⋅

      Indeed, Hamilton was clearly unhappy last year, if he has the same problems this season then he really may just have to look elsewhere for success. However it hasn’t been mentioned at all but there is the small possibility that he could take a year out and come back with a clear head and a seat alongside Vettel at Red Bull. If Di Resta is on the market and has a choice of Mercedes or McLaren he may go and keep the All-British pairing tradition at McLaren going a bit longer.
      Kubica has been completely forgot about by a lot of F1 fans and now that you mention him, I think he could have a choice of seats next year, I don’t think he’ll return to Lotus having left them on quite bad terms with Eric Boullier saying that the team’s relationship with Kubica was at point zero. If Raikkonen does move then I’d fancy either Heikki Kovalainen who did drive for them when they were Renault back in 2007 or Felipe Massa to take that seat.
      I believe that unless Webber is offered a drive with a top team, he may retire altogether from F1. Williams will keep Pastor Maldonado unless his PDVSA money runs dry, they’ll probably let Bruno Senna go at the end of the year and I can see Jaime Alguesuari replacing him as he has the crucial edge over others chasing the seat by having done Pirelli tyre testing for next seasons rubber.
      Sauber will do very well to keep Perez but as you say, Gutierrez is a very strong replacement with the continuation of the Telmex money being a crucial factor.
      Thanks for the comment and I’m glad that you liked the article. Enjoy the race this weekend 🙂

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