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A few new ideas


Every Thursday for the next ten weeks, I will be going through my top ten ever Formula One drivers and delivering an in depth analysis and opinion on them, I will analyse everything from points scored to championships won.

Once every two weeks, I will be casting my mind back to a memorable Grand Prix from over the years. I will have a full race summary and photos of the selected race.

It is exactly what it says, Every Friday night on race weekends, I will be giving the track guide and explaining what is the quickest way around the racetrack

There is more to F1 weekends than just the race, there are support series that follow F1 all around the world, I will be looking at the rising stars of GP2 and GP3 and the championship battle, Giving team and driver profiles and race reports from these fantastic racing series a few hours after the F1 races finish on Sundays.

There has been many vintage F1 years and I will be doing monthly four-part specials about those special seasons, Once a week I will tell the story of a championship and how it unfolds week to week and by the fourth week of every Season Review, The selected championship will be concluded and you will know every detail.

My thoughts, analysis and predictions for what to look out for and expect over the Grand Prix weekend.

There will be many more ideas over the next few weeks so watch this space 🙂


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