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Circuit de Catalunya Track Guide


The Barcelona track has been home to F1 since 1991 and this year is surely going to be another cracker, let’s take a look at the track.

The lap begins with a long straight leading to the first corner where the driver has to brake from 7th gear down to 3rd and then quickly get the turn in point correct for turn 2 which is a fast left hand corner leading into the long turn 3, the driver then has to hug the apex of turn 4 to get a good exit into the braking zone for turn 5 which is a tight bend that the driver comes in from the outside of the track and will aim to clip the apex and on the exit of turn 5 and as they go through the almost straight turn 6 they will then have to straighten the car for the entrance to turn 7, get the exit wrong though and you’ll be in the gravel trap, for the best time, the drivers will run slightly wide and use all the track they can as they exit turn 7, it is an uphill rise through turn 8 and going into turn 9, carrying speed through here is the crucial difference between Pole Position and a midfield grid slot, then there is the straight that leads into the tight turn 10, the driver needs to slow the car right down here or else risk running wide and losing time, uphill to a flowing turn 11 and 12 where the driver needs to have 100% concentration and then they get to turn 13, they then have to negotiate the turn 14-15 chicane which requires the driver to slow the car down and get through that tight sequence of corners, the exit of turn 15 is crucial because carrying speed through turn 16 will set up the best run to the line and the best possible lap time.


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