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McLaren Mistakes

Usually a team with high quality standards Mclaren have found themselves making major errors on a number of occasions this season, let’s take a look at what has been happening.

Malaysia 2012 – Hamilton suffers 2 pit stop errors that cost him valuable time while team-mate Button crashes into a backmarker and that ruled him out of possible points.

China 2012 – Button is catching Rosberg and would more than likely have passed him when he has to pit and the stop was a mess and very slow, this eased the pressure on Rosberg who coasted home to an easy win.

Bahrain 2012 – Hamilton has three shocking pit stops that cost him huge points as he finishes 8th and if the stops hadve been better he could’ve been challenging for a possible podium.

Spain 2012 – Hamilton gets pole position but his car is under-fuelled and he is disqualified from the session and starts last.


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